Telling Stories

December, 16 2013

In the beginning… we sat around the campfire (gnawing on dinosaur meat) telling each other stories. Ahhh… the good ol’ days.

Fast forward a few years (or so) to the printing press– the prototype for text messaging*. We were able to tell stories with words. What a handy tool!

In the video below, Chris Anderson (of TED talk fame) discusses another interesting point in history… NOW. Now that the masses have easy access to video and even video production, the video “tool” is something like the printing press was in its time.

In a way, we’re returning to the good ol’ days of sitting around the campfire– telling stories with voice, gesture, sound, images, and other bells & whistles. Because non-verbals are so integral to communication, one could argue that communicating with video be much more accurate, effective, & efficient than the written word.

In any case, I’m excited to be playing & working around our new virtual campfire. Now “show & tell” can be a lot more showy and lot more telly– without the danger of that dinosaur’s brother ruining the party.

* Some historical details may have been conveniently ignored in the writing of this post.

- Keith

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