Full video production

Company Overview Video

This video tells the who-you-are & what-you-do story, your business card for the digital era.

Testimonial Video

Written Testimonials are good, but Video Testimonials are powerful. Imagine your biggest fan singing your praises to the world.

Brand Story

Joseph Campbell said “Stories tell us who we are.” Brand stories tell us who your brand is.

Event Coverage

Preserve the highlights of a conference, concert or other event.

Custom Video Solution

Need an explainer video, a “how to” video, or pure entertainment for your Blog, YouTube or other online channels. We love finding solutions to a company’s communication needs—internal & external. Let’s brainstorm.


Other services

Hocus Focus Media creative consultation

Creative Consultation

You have access to your own video-making resources, but don’t know what story to tell or how to tell it. Hocus Focus can help.


Hocus Focus Media video shoot

Video Shoot

Just need footage? We can do that.


Hocus Focus Media video editing

Video Editing

Just need your project edited? No problem.

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