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Keith Hitchcock

Founder / Creative Director / Lead Producer
As Creative Director, Keith oversees every project. Keith has over 20 years of experience telling stories in various media–video, radio, photography, and theatre. He combines compelling interviews, images, sound & text to create an emotional connection with the viewer.

Beware of Keith’s dry sense of humor.

Hocus Focus Media and You


You are an important part of the team. We are collaborating on a video project with you, and we want you to love the finished product. We want to hear your thoughts & ideas, hopes & fears, wants & needs.

You have a need to reach an audience—future customers, current clients, other media channels—and we want to help.

Hocus Focus Media network

Our Network

Hocus Focus engages other specialists when the need arises—motion graphics artists, cinematographers, audio techs, editors, graphic designers, etc.

Interested in lending your specialty to the cause? Drop us a line >

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