How to Make a Video – In 5 Easy Steps

December, 16 2013

Anyone with an iPhone can make a video these days. But will it be the video you really want? If you understand the fashion philosophy of dressing for success… don’t you want your video to make the same great first impression? Here are five steps in the video production process.

    Sometimes you are “too close” to your own story to see it objectively. It helps to work with a producer who can see you and your story objectively, and help you communicate your story to your target audience. Should your video’s tone be serious? hip? introspective? humorous? Your producer can help you decide.

    This producer could be an individual or a large production company, or someone in between– it depends on the scope of your project and your budget. In general: The more complex a project, the higher the personnel count and… higher the sticker price. But, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

    This stage is the creative/brainstorming/planning/logistic phase. Each producer has their own way of working, but, generally, this is when you and your producer will discuss goals, ideas, and strategies for your video. Your producer should be using both hemisphere’s of the brain– thinking artistically, anticipating technical issues, and creative problem solving to meet your goals.

    Every video production tells a story, even if it’s a non-linear, collage-like mishmash. What story will your video tell?

    Lights, camera… action! Whether it’s a half-day shoot or a multiple-day shoot, this is production time. This involves shooting scenes, interviews, quick snapshots, and/or whatever is needed to fulfill the creative vision. Other elements may need to be acquired, as well: stills, music, sound, graphics. Quality planning during Pre-production helps make for quality days of production.

    You may be integral to the production day or be sitting on the sidelines. It all depends on the c

    On to the editing room…. All the footage shot, “B roll”, music, and other elements are distilled and combined. Depending on the production, this may be the longest part of the process. At a certain point, your producer will pull you into the process to get your feedback. Is the video shaping up how you imagined? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

    Depending on your arrangement with the producer, there will be one revision or several. Until… the video is finished!

  5. ENJOY!
    You will have discussed with your producer how you want to use the video: television broadcast? online only? Put it on your website, Facebook, YouTube, other social media? Whatever the case, your producer should help you deliver your video to the proper media. Now… load it up and press play.

- Keith


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